Our name and logo

Our name is a good ol’ Danish expression with positive associations and forward-looking dynamics: Parløb.

In short, it’s a danish word for very close partnership – working in tandem – where Par means Partners and løb means running (or race).

Regarding the logo: The arrows (and legs) symbolize you and us in a close collaboration towards a common goal.

Maybe you can spot the third arrow between the two others?

We see this as the synergy effect: The effect where the cooperation between two forces gives a greater effect than the sum of each individually.


Small is beautiful! :-)

We are certainly not the biggest, but we’d like to think of ourselves as amongst the best.

Passion for excellence

Besides our competences our main focus is on servicing our customers in the best possible way.

We take pride in our work and are committed to always doing our best.

This includes making you feel confident in agreements and deadlines.

Working with a variety of industries calls for a natural curiosity and a desire to learn every day. We have both.


Our product

We deliver communication solutions rather than just creativity in itself. We often experience our customers praise us, for the overall course to the right solutions.

Our focus on both the solution and the collaboration is what sets Parløb apart.

And that’s what gives you value for money and help you achieve your goals.